Royal Prints Electronics and Machinery warrants its equipment to be free from defects in material and workmanship for the prescribed time listed below, This is the sole and exclusive warranty made by Royal Prints Electronics and Machinery covering your Electronics and Machinery brand equipment. A claim under this warranty must be made within the prescribed time from the original date of delivery of the equipment. Claims under this warranty may only be made by the original purchaser. Royal Prints Electronics and Machinery reserves the right to approve or deny the repair or replacement of any part or repair request. The warranty is not transferable. Coverage is determined at the time of sale and cannot be modified for previously purchased products. All Royal Prints Electronics and Machinery equipment falls under this 6-month replacement warranty. Food Truck, Mobile, Residential, and Outdoor Commercial Use Warranty Outdoor, mobile, residential, and food truck customers shall receive 30 days of replacement warranty coverage for all equipment named above, regardless of the prescribed coverage period. To make a warranty claim, contact your authorized dealer. The 30-day food truck, mobile, outdoor, and residential restrictions still apply.

Coverage Limitations

This limited warranty does not cover,

β€’ Equipment where the serial number plate has been removed or altered, where applicable.

β€’ Equipment that has been altered, modified, or repaired by anyone other than an authorized service agency.

β€’ Equipment that was not professionally installed, where applicable. Equipment requiring professional installation shall be named in its documentation and includes but is not limited to any equipment requiring a gas or plumbing connection. Proof of installation may be required to make a warranty claim.

β€’ Damage or failure due to improper installation, improper utility connection or supply, use of unfiltered water (if applicable), and issues resulting from improper ventilation or airflow.

β€’ Incidental or consequential damage of any kind.

β€’ Defects and damage due to improper maintenance (such as rust), wear and tear, abuse, vandalism, or Act of God.

β€’ Excessive use or use outside of the intended design of the equipment, such as use other than with foodstuffs or in excess of the manufacturer’s recommendations as stated in the manual.

β€’ Damage caused by improper electrical connection or voltage fluctuations.

β€’Royal Prints Electronics and Machinery has the sole discretion on wearable parts not covered under warranty.