We have a limited window to cancel orders once placed. This article provides helpful details about the information on the topics listed in the catalog.

Basic Cancellation Policy

Depending on what you ordered, our cancellation window will differ slightly.


These items take only a short time to process before shipping. Includes blades, mats, pens, vinyl's etc. Once item is shipped an arrives in Trinidad a refund will not be issued, in the even that a refund is requested the 20% restocking fee will be applied to funds before refund.

Unconfirmed orders of Items:

Order will be automatically cancelled after 24 hours.

Due to time differences, there may be some delays in our customer service processing time. Therefore, we suggest you submit your cancellation request on your order page within 1 hour, so that our system can intercept your order and avoid shipping it out.

If you contact our customer service instead of submitting your cancellation request on the order page, due to the time difference, your order might be shipped out before our customer service start processing your request, the cancellation cannot be made. And we are not liable for this situation.

If you submit your cancellation request after the 1-hour cancellation window, we reserve the right to refuse your request.

The following is our detailed cancellation window & refund policy for Made-to-Order items:

Cancellation Windows

Refund Policy

Within 24 hours of order confirmation

Full refund of the price paid for the items + shipping fee + shipping insurance (If selected)

24–72 hours after order confirmation

80% refund of the price paid for the items + shipping fee + shipping insurance (If selected)

72-120 hours after order confirmation

50% refund of the price paid for the items + shipping fee + shipping insurance (If selected)

>120 hours after order confirmation

Refund of shipping fee and shipping insurance (If selected) only

Once your order is shipped, it cannot be cancelled.

If you want to cancel your order, please log in to My Orders, select the order, and request cancellation. Or you can contact our customer service for help.

Cancellation Instructions

Step 1: Go To Your Order Page

Ordered Through Account:

Log into your Royal Prints Electronics and Machinery account and click here to go to your orders page. If you have trouble getting into your account, you may have used Guest Checkout.

Ordered Through Guest Checkout:

Click here and fill out your order number and the email used to place the order (where you have received emails related to your order) to pull up your order page.

If you don't remember whether you used your account or Guest Checkout to place your order, try both of the above instructions, and if neither work, reach out to our customer service team with your order.

Step 2: Submit Your Cancellation Request

Find the order that you need to cancel and get into the order details page.

Click on the "CANCEL" button under "Action" on the order details page.

Choose the reason for your cancellation, and click "Confirm".

For some specific payment methods, for example, Wire Transfer, you’ll need to input your account information after selecting the reason for cancellation.

Please Note: By submitting the cancellation request, it doesn’t mean that the order is successfully cancelled. Our website will automatically create a ticket for your request and forward it to our customer service team. They’ll check the order status and contact you afterward.

Important Notes

Once a cancellation request is processed, it cannot be reversed. You would need to place a new order to get the item(s).

If you no longer wanted a specific item or needed to add additional items, please see our Order Change Policy.

Once your order is shipped, it cannot be cancelled. You'll need to wait for the order to arrive and request a return.