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Beehive Box Kit Bee Honey Hive 30 Frames 2 Deep 1 Medium Natural Fir Wood

Beehive Box Kit Bee Honey Hive 30 Frames 2 Deep 1 Medium Natural Fir Wood

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Product Description

Standard 10-Frame Langstroth Beehive
Wax Coating & Thickened Wood Board & With Observation Window
See with Ease
The observation window is easy to open and close, making it easy to observe the interior, enhance ventilation, and reduce bacteria breeding.
Perfectly Sealed Wax
The bee hive is coated with beeswax to make it more waterproof and durable. It also makes the beehive more beautiful.
High-quality Dovetail Design
The dovetail seamless splicing process and the precisely cut interface make your assembly effortless and the box more solid.
Rain-proof Metal Top Cover
Our bee honey hive features a metal top cover, and a waterproof and sun-proof coating, keeping honey pure and fresh.
Solid Queen Excluder
The gaps of the queen excluder measure 0.6", allowing worker bees to pass through easily to interact with the queen bee.
Keep Your Bees Happy
There is an air vent in the top inner cover. It ensures better ventilation to keep the interior dry and prevent moisture.


Materials: Fir, Pine, ABS
Product Size: 22 x 18.1 x 29.9 in/562 x 462 x 760 mm
Handle Width: 0.98 in/25 mm
Board Thickness: 0.74 in/19 mm
Net. Weight: 57.3 lbs/26 kg
Package Size: 23.8 x 19.6 x 12 in/605 x 500 x 305 mm
Overall Beeswax Treatment: Wax Dipping
Foundation Beeswax Treatment: Wax Coating

Package Content

3 x Galvanized Bolt M4x30
6 x Galvanized Self-tapping Screw M4x20
3 x Mushroom Shaped Handle
6 x Window Fixing Plank
1 x User Manual

  • Effortless Observation: Our bee hive features an observation window for convenient operation, so you won't miss a thing! And guess what? There is no need to take away the top cover, either. Just open the observation window with one hand, then you can clearly know the condition of the bees and honey in the box.
  • Biomimetic Wax Coating: Are you anxious about painting your bee hives? Bid farewell to the hassle of painting your bee hives, thanks to VEVOR! Our bee honey hive is beeswax coated to help attract bees better. The inlet reducer and top vent design can create a ventilated, warm and safe environment for bees. Your bees will BEEEEE so happy!
  • Assemble in No Time: The bee hive boxes adopt a dovetail seamless splicing design, allowing you to complete installation in 3 simple steps. No glue is needed either because the beeswax will automatically penetrate the interface gap to ensure a powerful sealing effect.
  • Everything You Need: Our beehive kit comes with everything you'll need to start beekeeping. It includes 1 solid bottom board, 1 entrance reducer, 1 inner cover, 1 metal top cover, 1 queen excluder, 20 deep frames(with waxed plastic foundation), and 10 medium frames (with waxed plastic foundation). Get ready to fly in confidently this season!
  • UnBEElievable Features & Materials: The Langstroth beehive is made of cedar wood, easy to keep dry, corrosion-proof, and sturdy enough for harsh outdoor weather. The inner beehive frames are made of pine wood for enhanced air permeability, providing a better internal environment. Quality comes first. Can you taste it, honey?

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Beehive Box Kit Bee Honey Hive 30 Frames 2 Deep 1 Medium Natural Fir Wood
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Beehive Box Kit Bee Honey Hive 30 Frames 2 Deep 1 Medium Natural Fir Wood6e2d3f6b-c4ca-4a99-89b7-5bdde563f9b7
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